Please read carefully the following terms as used in the application features that we offer, you consent and agree to be bound by the provisions and conditions of this provision when performing operations on the application.
In case you do not agree with any of the terms used by us (this version and the updated of version), please do not download, install, use or uninstall apps from the device apps in your mobile.

1. Account
– In order to use our app, some features, you need to create an account with the required information such as your name, phone number, email address, …
– You agree that your use of the account must comply with our regulations, and all your information provide to us is accurate and complete at the time of the request.
– All the rights and obligations of you will be based on the account information which you have registered, so if there is any erroneous information that we will not be responsible in case such information affect or limit your rights.

2. Collecting User Data
– When using the app, you accept that we have the right to use the following system APIs to access data on your phone device:
(1) Using the system call, contacts supported by the device.
(2) Get your current position when the consents.
(3) Record of application data to the memory card.
(4) Access to the Internet from your device.
(5) Using the camera, recording, microphone on the device.
All access will only be done when you have granted to us, you will not have any claim for this access.
– Besides, we also collect your information follows:
(1) Personal information: includes the information you provide to us to confirm the account, such as name, phone number, your email address.
(2) General information: The information about configuring your device, app version you’re using.
(3) your location information: Data on your geographic location will be stored on the server in order to help you use the search function.
(4) We do not use any measure to monitor the message content, exchange or other forms to track users when using this app.
3. Security of Information
– We pledge to keep confidential all information that you provide when registering to use our app or the information ưhich we collect from you and do not disclosed to any third party except when required from State agencies have jurisdiction.
– The application uses the communication methods and encryption to secure transmission and storage of personal information, your communication.
4. Fees and charges
– We pledge not to require any fees from users for basic features that our app offers.
– The service charges when making the payment, the order inside this app is specified in the terms of the partnership that links applications. Please read the terms carefully and comply with regulations.
Thank you for using the product and our service.